The first video about 'trailblazer' work was in the lands of the farm Buritizinho, owned by Mr. Paulo Gonçalves, who came to Leonardo - an old pal and experienced scoutman, from wanderings in the Aroe-Jari caverns circuit - , for help to find the best path linking the 7 waterfalls on his property. Leo asked us for help in trail evaluation and geo-referencing. After 2 visits with GPS tracking the tracks in the bush - accompanied on the second time by fellow guide Cecília Kawall -, choosing the best routes after an analysis using GoogleEarth, and a lot of work on opening tracks by Leonardo's team, on October 28 2016 the attraction received the first group of guides and conducers for training. The visitation of the circuit 'Aguas do Cerrado' works today receiving tourists from all over the world in this treasure of the Brazilian Cerrado.

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This video, which was recently released on YouTube, with images captured along years by the photographer, videographer and nature guide Artur Keunecke. Who, when not guiding in the Pantanal or Chapada, still finds time even for night dives, in his work of capturing precious scenes of the wildlife of Bom Jardim, district of Nobres, MT, showing, always with a very special care, the beauties of this place that today attracts tourists from all over the world.

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Here's a sample of what a guy can win when he gets into the woods.

Hiking and waiting among mosquitoes and ticks, riding countless hours by boat up and downstream, living this is a pleasure that can only be understood in the proximity of the wonderful wildlife that inhabits this region since thousands of years ago, adapting to the most contrasting environmental conditions, but that is in risk to perish, as well as the surrounding Cerrado and Rainforest biomes, if we do not open our eyes to the venom of greed at the heart of capitalism and agribusiness.

May we find a way to coexist in peace...

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