Carcara.org is an enterprise with the mission of helping develop tourism in Central Western Brazil, favouring the local economies in sustainable and ecologically proactive manners, therefore improving life quality, disclosing the natural attractions, bringing the world's eye over this region and raising awareness about preservation.

In this website we expose what is necessary to know for a good staying in this awesome part of Brazil - with three different biomes: Savanna, Pantanal and Rainforest - , a source of reliable information to any traveler, from backpackers to birders, from trekkers to photographers, for an adventure trip or a family vacation. Where to stay and to eat, how to assign a tour, which are the attractions, all based in direct local reserch, interviews, georeference and mapping.

The funding of the site is raised with the inclusion of specific advertising, limited to the local companies in each destination.

Other wings of Carcara.org activity are:

a) Offer services of webdeveloping and advertising, creating quick solutions for small and medium entrepeneurs, as guides, agencies, lodges and restaurants that desire to accompain the pace of the new paradigms of the information highway that may connect them to their potential public.

b) Scout, georeference and evaluate trail routes and proper use of tourist attractions that need help to complete the hard task of being open for public with sustentability and respecting all environmental laws and whatsoever others.

c) Explore farther places, generating media and database to offer new destinations, up to now subvalued due to lack of disclosure.


As part of Carcara.org there is a varied and fluid body of collaborators, composed of nature guides, biologists, photographers and videomakers and writers, sometimes with roles molten in a single person, sometimes divided amid several individuals united by the common will of developing tourism and consequently nature preservation in Brazil.

Our initiatives are coordinated with institutions as AGCE (Ecotourism Guides and conducers Association of Chapada dos Guimarães) and a wide web of people, easing the spread of information in the social networks, mutiplying the range of our action.

The efforts of each cell in this organism are catalyzed and crystallized in data by André 'Carcara', nature guide since 1998 and also experienced in advertising, graphic design, webdeveloping and portuguese/english translation.


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